Kerala Educational Development and Employment Society (KEDES)

Kerala Educational Development and Employment Society (KEDES) came into existence in 1990, which was Initiated by a perpetrated team of enlightened social workers of Kerala. Under the efficient guidance of the world famous social activist and reformer P N Panicker, KEDES was founded to act as a torch bearer for all round development.The foremost substance of KEDES is to minimize poverty by focusing on the development of Human Capital by developing skills and imparting knowledge to the Neo-Literates for their sustainable development.

The major activities of KEDES are to conduct Entrepreneurial Development Programmes (EDPs), with the focus on varied fields consisting of Information Technology, Bio Technology, Tourism, Fruit Processing and Rural Management to broaden the entrepreneurial horizons. Another important work of KEDES is the construction of cost effective rural houses. Presently, it acts as an important agency in Kerala with regard to developing low-cost construction techniques and participatory housing schemes.


The Mission

The mission of KEDES is to empower the rural population with the tool of information and provide them livelihood on a sustainable basis.