P N Panicker Foundation is of the view that the role of advocacy is of immense value. Sensitising and organising people about concerns and issues of public interest and putting pressure on the policy makers is of utmost importance. Given its importance, the Foundation has certain value points for Advocacy.

Bridging the digital and information divide

Information and Communication Technology is having a prodigious role to bridge the gap between the information have and have not’s. Advocacy assures the adequate thought and resources allocated to the cause worldwide. This helps in promoting the growth of ICT and establishing its role in development.

Strengthening participation at the grassroots level

P N Panicker Foundation advocates the participation of the grassroots either directly or indirectly in the process of programme implementation and usage. From demand evaluation to promotions and also during the execution and impact assessment, the main concern is the value-addition for the grassroots and from the grassroots. PNPF with its tools of research and promotion ensures that the programme benefits reach the last mile.

Social inclusion for awareness and decision making

Social inclusion at all levels: government, corporate sector, user groups, ICT implementing agencies, public sector, etc., is denoted not only by making them aware but also by commencing a thought process which brings all inside the circle. Inclusion in a participatory way involves various communities in decision making. Social Inclusion at all levels would become the key to the success of all the community oriented projects in future.

Sustainable efforts for development through ICT

PNPF advocates sustainability and not the piloting of the programmes. Implementing and supporting the service delivery model with grassroots inclusion, awareness, training and research advocate the sustainability through profitability.